Something special happens when women come together. The heart wisdom, the bonding and the intuitive understanding and compassion that we share and unite in one other is a beautiful and mystical phenomenon that can’t really be explained with words. It is a sense of coming home and being nurtured by the divine mother within us all.

For those who are local in the Byron Shire, I am offering a fortnightly women’s circle held in Bangalow every second Sunday from 2pm-5pm.

Each week I guide the group through some meditation, some breathwork and dance. Then we all have an opportunity to share with the group, which may take inspiration from the weekly theme or anything you are moving through in your life that you would like to be witnessed and held in.

You will also have the option to receive feedback from the group, as we are an intuitive bunch, and many of us receive insights and downloads for each other during the sharings. The feedback is optional and you may choose to simply be witnessed in your expression without any recommendations or comments.

The spontaneous sharing is incredibly healing and teaches you a lot about yourself. The energetic container is strong and can sometimes even bring up intense feelings and emotions, that you will be held in with love and unconditional support. The space is a completely non-judgement, safe zone. It has been mentioned a few times that the 3-hour gathering feels ‘more powerful than therapy’. We laugh together, we cry together, we lift each other up and reflect the beauty we see in one another.

The space is designed to bring a feeling of warmth, connection, intimacy, openness, authenticity and more than anything I am dedicated to creating a space where you can show up exactly as you are, to be witnessed and supported by the group.

It has been an incredible gift to facilitate and witness each woman in the group transform and open up so vulnerably and authentically. I myself have become a different person due to the power and support of this group, so I am excited to be opening up this offering to more women who are wanting that heart-based support and connection in their life.

We started this circle last July, and since then we have all developed beautiful connections and soulful friendships and connect on a weekly basis outside of the circles. That is just one of the incredible gifts this circle has offered us.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to come to the circle and see if its in resonance for you. Ideally, I would like to find some women who are committed to coming each fortnight, as it keeps the energetic container strong. That commitment to showing up for yourself and everyone in the group, even when there is resistance and other things that come up, is what keeps the magic alive.

The location is in a beautiful gazebo in the Bangalow Parklands.

You will need something to sit on like a yoga mat, a cushion, some water and an optional snack to share.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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