There is a life force within you that has been there your entire life. It is invisible to the five senses, yet more powerful than all your five senses combined. This life force is your inner intelligence. It is what is keeping you alive in this very second.

Over the course of your life certain things have come into your mind-body system and have disrupted the natural order of things.

On the emotional and mental level this means limiting belief systems, fears, insecurities, emotional pain, trauma, limitations, mental containers and blockages.

Your body has and continues to process each and every one of these mind-body “obstructions.” They are called obstructions because they are preventing you from feeling healthy and at home in your body.

Intuitive Healing is reconnecting with this intelligence, 

which is the first and most important step forward along this healing path.

This means establishing a deep connection to your body.

When you are connected to your body, you know when something is off. You also know what you need to eat, what you need to cut out of your life, when you need to rest, when it’s time to leave a relationship.

You simply know the answers to live healthily and happily as you are wide awake and listening to the guidance from this powerful intelligence contained within you.


Listed below are my Coaching Packages that are all centred around the core pillar of Intuitive Healing. Choose from this variety of tailored programs to suit your personal transformation. One-off sessions are also available for those who are needing a little less guidance at this time.


The Balance program is for major health restoration and suitable for anyone who is in need of deep physical healing. The initial "Tuning In" Session, will help us to identify where your major weaknesses lie and what needs to be targeted on a physical level.

There will be a focus on creating a sustainable and wholesome diet, that supports and nourishes your body, with herbal and nutritional recommendations. We will work together on reshaping certain lifestyle habits and behaviours that are not conducive for your healing journey. We will work step by step to heal symptoms, restore your gut and digestion, and regain your energy.

Once your body starts to come back to its normal state (homeostasis) hormonal imbalance, gut disorders, skin issues and weight management will be well on their way to healing.


The Transform program is designed to target any emotional healing that is either creating physical symptoms or blocking you from having thriving health. We will take a deep dive into any recurring emotional triggers and challenges in order to discover what is creating this stagnancy or holding you back.

Not only will we work with unblocking emotions during the session when that is required, but I will set you up with a range of tools tailored for you that you can use and develop in between sessions.

The Transform program is truly about healing from the inside out. It will often require us to go back to your past to gain clarity about where you currently find yourself, and how we can get you moving forward, uninhibited by any blocks that were preventing you from stepping into your power and most authentic expression.



The Align program is best suited for those who have begun to clean, heal and restore their body back to a place of strength and vitality, and have started tapping into a natural urge to upgrade their life in every way possible. Once you feel physically healthy and emotionally stable, what comes next is a strong desire to know one's purpose in life.

The Align program is a blend of coaching and practical tools that will help you to understand your soul's purpose. Once you have undergone a deep inner alignment process (body& mind) your creative channel will begin to open and there will be excitement around creating and expressing from a truly aligned and authentic place within yourself.

This program will help you to direct that energy in a productive and fulfilling way so that you can create a deeply fulfilling life, starting with your knowing your calling on this planet.

Intuitive Blend


The Intuitive Blend will be a personalised combination of all the programs to fit the requirements of each session based upon what is coming up for you in that particular week. This is the most popular option for those who are unsure what their exact needs are but are looking for deep healing from the inside out and long to be more deeply connected to themselves.

In all programs, you will be learning how to access your intuition. This process of healing requires a deep connection to the body which will naturally curb any and all destructive habits like overeating, consuming unhealthy foods and addiction to unloving behaviours.

This is a beautifully feminine approach to healing which is taken one small step at a time. Each program is intense in its own way but not forceful and disciplined. We always find a space that pushes your edge yet remains balanced and nurturing.


Upon  signing up to any of the mentorship programs :

Initial Tune In session to offer the current overview with immediate protocol suggestions.

6,12 or 24, 75-minute personalised intuitive coaching sessions(weekly or bi-weekly).

Intention setting and visualisation practice.

Goal setting and accountability through an app.

Post-session email synopsis with 2-3 personalised embodiment practices/recommendations.

Recipe suggestions, guided meditations, transformational books.

In between session support via email or Whatsapp.

NOTE : The above protocol offering is for
3 or 6-month programs only
and is not available for single-session consultations.


1. Confirm via email which program and payment option you have decided upon.
2. Fill out your coaching agreement form, and find a quiet space to tune in and complete your emotional intake form and
intentions. It’s best to do this in a private space.
3. Notice anything that comes up prior to our first session as it is likely of relevance to discuss.
4. Pre-establish a quiet and private space to have our sessions where you won’t be interrupted.

After your payment is received and your forms are completed and sent back to me we will schedule our first session. It’s best for us to try to meet at the same day/time each week or second week although we will need to be flexible with one another’s schedules.

Holistic Health Coaching is completely different from any other natural healer. Unlike naturopaths, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, Chinese Medicine Practitioners and nutritionists, Holistic Health Coaching covers a broad range of topics that are all considered to be of equal
importance when healing the body. Whilst we do cover nutrition, herbs, cleansing and all other physical techniques to heal the body, it is only the tip of the iceberg of the work we do together. There is absolutely nothing that is off-limits in our sessions. Absolutely anything and everything that is in need to be looked at closely for your healing journey to accelerate will come up at some point. Some weeks will be challenging and emotional. Other weeks you’ll be soaring as high as the clouds.

This “Roller Coaster Effect” is very normal and a good sign that things are improving at a steady pace. The idea is that we work through whatever is relevant for you during that week. Never hold back in your sessions. Bring as much fear, fire or emotion as you possibly can. It will help the sessions enormously.

You can pay via PayPal in one full payment for a package (prior to sessions starting) or by individual payments for one-off sessions (payable after the session.)


I originally found Tori through Sarah Armide's recommendation and recently finished up my 6-month program with her. I am genuinely so glad I asked for the extra support as Tori's recommendations, guidance, support and kindness got me through one of the most difficult times in my life physically and emotionally. Each week it felt like we went deeper and deeper and after following all of her recommendations I couldn't believe how much incredible momentum started to build. Six months later I feel so much more on track with my physical health, my skin is almost completely clear and I no longer have insomnia as my nervous system and adrenals are SO much better!

On an emotional level, I feel so equipped to handle whatever is arising in my experience. I no longer feel like I need to lean on harmful self-sabotage mechanisms to avoid what's going on within me. With the tools, knowledge and awareness Tori supported me with, I feel like I have become my own healer and can face any challenge with so much more grace, patience and resilence.
I had known for several years that I had some kind of emotional blocks that were affecting both my body and my relationships negatively. I didn't have any community or support network around me so I felt so alone and confused as to what would be the best direction to move in.

Working with Tori was not easy, yet it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She helped me to discover a range of emotional blocks that were holding me back from moving forward. Sometimes the sessions were intense and would bring a lot up to the surface during and afterwards, but after every process, I felt lighter like something was leaving me every time. I felt very safe to express what I was feeling and it was very cathartic, yet I never felt judged by Tori. She helped me with too many things to mention, but the thing that always stood out the most was just helping me to start feeling my feelings rather than running away from them. I never thought I would have to strength to do that, but will her guidance and tips I was able to give that to myself. That has truly changed everything. I can't even recognise myself. I highly recommend her for anyone who struggles to connect to their intuition and feeling their bodies guidance and wisdom.
When I was diagnosed with PCOS I was devastated. My hair falling out and my very low energy levels left me in a dark and heavy place. I felt like a shell of my former self and just wanted to hide in shame.

When I had my introductory call with Tori, I knew straight away I had to work with her. I had never been held in so much love and presence by a stranger. It felt like she knew exactly what I was going through and her compassion was so healing right from the beginning. After nearly a year I am so excited to say that the majority of my symptoms are healing drastically, if not completely gone. I have not felt the need to consult a doctor as to whether my PCOS is completely gone, because I truly feel incredible in my body, and the healthiest I have ever been. It certainly didn't happen overnight. I went through several cycles of feeling like I was getting worse, and then better and then worse. But the long-term results are so worth it and can actually put you in a place of feeling better than you ever did before because you have addressed the root of the issue!

Thank you Tori for creating such a safe space for me to open up about my deepest fears and states of confusion. I felt so very held and understood. I am incredibly grateful for all the invaluable lessons you taught me. I learned how to trust myself deeply for the first time in my life, and for this, a thank you doesn't even feel like it's enough. I used to feel so alone in my pain and confusion, but today, even if those feelings arise again sometimes, I am not afraid of it, as I know that welcoming it all is the most healing and loving thing I could do for myself.

My digestion also improved so much as a result of me listening more to myself. I no longer feel so insecure in the presence of others, I don't shy away from expressing myself anymore and I feel like I am back into my own power most days. And when i'm not, I am not afraid as I know I have my toolbox of self love practices I can rely on. Thank you Tori, i'll always remember you as one of the most important teaching in my healing journey.
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