A photo of Tori Reid

I am a Holistic Women’s Wellness Coach, with a deep love for reconnecting my clients with their body, heart and authentic self expression.

My passion is uncovering and clearing the root causes of issues and blockages preventing people from growth and living a life that brings them true and deep fulfilment.

I have come to believe and consistently experience that we all hold the innate ability to heal ourselves, whether on a physical, mental or emotional level. All forms of disease arise when we have been disconnected from the natural intelligence of our body.

It is my most sincere passion to create a safe and nurturing environment for those wishing to reconnect with themselves and release what is blocking them from their natural state of thriving health and vitality on every level.

I was personally confronted from a very young age with deep emotional and physical healing challenges, which has led me on a long and powerful journey of overcoming anxiety, depression, a severe eating disorder, alcoholism, childhood trauma and many other mental, physical and emotional imbalances.

After undergoing six years of education in this field, from many incredible teachers, I now specialise in holistic healing through nutrition and herbs, emotional healing, shadow work, inner child work, developing self-care and self-love, body image issues, relationships, career, eating disorders, stress management, conscious relationships and detoxification. My programs offer in-depth, one-on-one support to transform and experience significant breakthroughs in these areas.

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