Life is on Our Side

Life has a plan for us.

This is the place that flow is born.

The flow is always available, always patiently waiting for us to step in and be carried toward our greatest fulfilment, our most intense joy, our deepest purpose.

But oftentimes we have our own ideas.

We want things sooner, things to gratify our small self, things that don’t belong to us.

Like children we throw tantrums when we don’t get what we want, when we want it.

But what if we really knew with our whole being..

That life is on our side.

So much so that it is willing for us to experience some temporary pain, disappointment and loneliness..

Until our true desire is ripe for the picking.

How many times have we thought to ourselves ‘Wow, I’m so glad that thing didn’t work out, so I could be led in that other direction’

In hindsight we see the perfection of it all..we see the grande orchestration with all of its delightful intricacies leading us to a more aligned reality.

So in ruminating on this perfect design, can we find more trust? Can we let it all go?

Can we let go of everything we think we want, so that life has room to bring us what we couldn’t even conceive was possible for us – that which is so deeply fulfilling and so beyond any ideas limited to what has already happened in our lives.

When we drop it all and trust, and release our firm and controlling grip from that thing we have been so desperately trying to make happen…

Miracles find us. 

And we realise we never had to do anything, 

other than step out of our own way.

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