A Letter to Myself… For the Next Time I Forget.

I choose to remember that I handpicked the experiences in front of me, no matter how intensely they may tug at my heart. No matter how tempting victimhood may be.

I choose to remember that a big smile and belly laugh can erase all that came before it.

I choose to remember all the things I love about humanity, and that we are all just doing our best to navigate this weird and wonderful world.

I choose to remember that spending a few quiet days in nature will answer all of my questions in one simple moment, through a gust of wind or the scent of the ocean or a deep orange sunset.

I choose to remember that joy doesn’t last and nor does pain and that both experiences are utterly inseparable.

I choose to let go of what is not meant for me with as much grace as I possibly can.

I choose to forgive myself when i fall short of this gracefulness. 

I choose to remember to look up at the stars each night and remind myself of how small and insignificant I am. How completely meaningless my challenges are when placed before the backdrop of the universe.

I choose to remember that my life is also more significant and sacred than I could possibly comprehend. That any of us even being here is nothing short of miraculous. 

I choose to bow my head to the uncertainty that beckons me toward my highest vision in this life. 

I choose to step in the direction of what scares me the most, knowing that it is the only compass which will lead me to my greatest fulfilment.

I choose to say yes to all of it. 

The pain, the suffering, the joy, the expansion, the anger, the resistance, the acceptance, the bliss.

I choose to remember that the spectrum of these experiences is what makes life so rich.

I choose to let myself be seen falling apart without shame. 

I choose to see that contrary to what we have been taught, it is an act of great courage to come undone and let ourselves be held in our nakedness.

I choose to radically love myself and celebrate this messy, perfectly imperfect life of mine.

I choose to remember that after all, this is a game of forgetting and remembering. 

That healing is not linear. 

That on the deepest level people mean well, including myself.

That nothing could ever make me more or less worthy of love than I am right now. 

That I can trust life with every cell in my being. That there’s always a new moment to pick myself up and try again. 

That I am and always have been free. 

I choose to remember that I will continue to forget. 

And with each period of forgetfulness, my remembrance will grow stronger.

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