The Symphony of Life

Life is pure magic. So magical in fact, that it can disguise itself, only revealing the depth of this magic when we least expect it. Often this is when we are so tired of all of our strategies to be happy. When we are fed up with trying day in and day out to seek validation of our existence, to win approval, to feel safe and secure, to be worthy of the love we seek.

Finally, we throw in the towel and let life take over again because we are too exhausted to keep trying. We just stop. And sometimes, with that pause, we realise we are in the perfect place, with the perfect person, in the perfect moment.

We realise we have been scrambling around trying to fill a hole that always already full. The magic of life remains just subtle enough for us to forget it for a little while because that build-up to the moment when the perfection is revealed again is the very thing which allows the perfection to exist. Like a symphony which builds tension with dramatic tangents and unexpected turns before finally reaching its peaceful end.

It is only our own humanity which makes us think that struggling and forgetting and feeling lost is a ‘bad’ thing when it is actually the main ingredient of this masterpiece. It is what makes a magical life possible.

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