Undefined Beauty

The interesting thing about the beauty of life is that you can’t quite capture it in any photo, express it with any word or share it with any story. It can only be felt by the individual and held sacred in their heart. Everything else trying to encapsulate how special and awe-invoking these moments of beauty are is merely dimming them..reducing them to semantics and biased perspectives. They can only be truly felt and enjoyed to the core of the observer.

As the witness of many beautiful moments, I can only pray that others are feeling them to their very core as I am learning to. I have realised after many years of attempting to share my tales of travel, love and pure magic that when I stop trying to validate my life experiences by describing them I return to a sweet humility where I can just smile to myself and know that life has been relishing in its own beauty alongside me all along. That we are just like two very old friends who already know all of each other’s stories and now just choose to sit on a verandah enjoying the sunset together in silence.

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