Embrace The Darkness

Evolution works in incredible ways. Just when you think you have taken 10 steps back, succumbed to a lifetimes worth of subconscious patterning, lost yourself in the void and hit rock bottom..you emerge with a pristine clarity of how all of it was preparing you for this next level of self-awareness, of connection, of compassion, of wisdom and of service. This up-levelling required you to be emptied out from your very core. To face everything in you that you are yet to accept, to look at all the things you have hidden deep in the dusty corners of your mind.

Yet in the midst of this transformation, it is so easy to forget that this is how it has always worked. It is always our darkest times that catapult us into the visions of excellence we are here to fulfil. Despite our resistance and frustration and longing for a consistent anchoring in truth, it is our forgetfulness and our remembering that sharpens the diamond.

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